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Balloon Sinuplasty

Traditionally, sinuplasty was an in-patient procedure with extensive recovery time.  Innovation in medical technology has allowed a less invasion procedure—balloon sinuplasty. Balloon Sinuplasty is  a virtually pain-free, out-patient procedure with some patient testimonials stating that recovery time takes less than 12 hours.

Previously, sinuplasty meant going under the knife, an extensive  recovery period and pain. Traditionally the sinuses were accessed through the skin on your face or the inside of your mouth.  The physician would make an incision and then remove the tissue that was preventing the sinuses from draining.  In some cases, the incision would temporarily be left open to help drain the infection.  The recovery consisted of painful packing in the nose (possibly several times a day) to absorb the drainage. After surgery, patient needed to avoid blowing his or her nose, high intensity exercise or even bending forward.  There was even the risk of complications like heavy bleeding, fluid leaking from the brain or spinal cord and inflammation.

While traditional surgery was effective at treating conditions like sinusitis, the invention of Balloon Sinuplasty provides a solutions that is just as reliable with the added benefits of a fast recovery and fewer risks.  As an out-patient procedure, Balloon Sinuplasty uses a local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia. The use of local anesthesia takes another risk factor off the table for the some patients.

The procedure is simple.  Dr. David Congdon, a specialist in Balloon Sinuplasty, will open inflamed sinuses similar to how heart surgeons open blocked arteries.  A small medical instrument in inserted into the problem sinus area, the balloon expands opening the sinus to allow for better drainage.  Recovery time is usually less than a day with minimal bruising.

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Announcing our new Physician Assistant: Mary “Meg” Heatley

Announcing our new Physician Assistant: Mary “Meg” Heatley


Specializing in:
• Skin Cancer of the Face and Full Body
• Disorders of the Ears, Nose and Throat

Mount Saint Clare College, AA in Liberal Arts,
Nursing, Physical Education
Allen Hospital Lutheran School of Nursing,
Diploma, 1980
University of Northern Iowa, BA General Studies for
Nurses, Staff Training and Development
(Certificate), Psychology, August 1988
University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, Physician
Assistant, Certification, January 1994
University of Nebraska Medical Center, Masters
Physician Assistant Studies- Specialization in
Dermatology, May 2007
State Licensure and Affiliations
American Academy of Physician Assistants

Iowa Society of Physician Assistants
(1994 to present)
Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants
(2001 to present)
Society of Physician Assistants in
Otorhinolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery 2013
Work Experience
Primary Care 1994-2000
• North East Iowa Family Practice Center
• University of Northern Iowa Student Health
• Keota Community Health Clinic/Washington
County Hospital
Dermatology January 8, 2001-July 27, 2012
• Dermatology Associates, Waterloo, Iowa

Cedar Valley Facial Plastic Surgery

Cedar Valley Facial Plastic Surgery – Comprehensive Skin Cancer Screenings and Treatment.

Waterloo, Iowa (July 25th, 2013)- The Cedar Valley Center for Facial Plastic Surgery provides surgical and non-surgical services to help you look and feel your best. Founded by David J. Congdon, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., CVFPS is dedicated to your individual needs. Services range from the revolutionary new Balloon Sinuplasty procedure to a committed approach towards beautiful and healthy skin using the latest and safest technologies and medical skin care products.

The Cedar Valley Center for Facial Plastic Surgery now provides comprehensive, full body, skin cancer screenings, diagnosis and skin cancer treatment. Patients can be taken care of from diagnosis to treatment all in one office.

Meg Heatley, R.N., PA-C, MPAS and Amber Weber, ARNP, NP-C, the newest additions to Cedar Valley Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, specialize in skin cancer and disorders of the ears, nose and throat.

“I am excited and privileged to have professionals of this level on our team. Meg and Amber are exceptional providers and their patients absolutely love them.” Says David J. Congdon, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S.

Skin cancer screenings and treatment are available in Waterloo and Independence.

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James White
Impact Marketing & Technology
110 Fletcher Ave.
Waterloo, IA 50701