Ear Surgery

The ability to reconstruct an ear requires thorough comprehension of the structure. Dr. Congdon uses innovative techniques to provide ear reconstructions that are cosmetically appealing.

Surgery of the ear where ears can be “pinned back” by reshaping the cartilage.

Is Otoplasty right for you?
Otoplasty will not alter your hearing ability. What is important for successful Otoplasty is that the ears be in proportion to the size and shape of the face and head.

When considering Otoplasty, parents must be confident they have their child’s best interests at heart. A positive attitude toward the surgery is an important factor in all facial plastic surgery, but it is especially critical when the patient is a child or adolescent. Adult candidates for Otoplasty should understand that the firmer cartilage of fully developed ears does not provide the same molding capacity as in children.

Case Study

Before and After