Midface Lift

Suffers of dark circles under the eyes or folds in front of the cheeks may be the perfect candidate for a midface lift. Dr. Congdon can help achieve a look that is natural and refreshed.

Endoscopic Midface Lift
An extension of the brow lift is called a midface lift. This lift is performed by placing small incisions within the hairline, in the temple area above the ear, and behind the hairline. The upper cheeks are lifted back to their more youthful position.

Is a midface lift right for you?
As the face matures, the midface or the cheek soft tissue pad can drop, producing deep grooves between the nose and mouth, sunken cheeks and dark circles under the eyes. When the cheeks are lifted back up into their youthful position, the dark, sunken look that some people develop under the eyes is softened.

Case Study

Midface Lift with facelift, upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, endoscopic forehead lift, pre-jowl chin implant and fat injection to the lips.
Before and After